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Guldäpplet 2018!

av | apr 20, 2018 |

Do you want to show your professor that their lectures stand out as a remarkable way of learning? Is there any supervisor that makes your time at the university unforgettable or a tutor that makes you understand all those difficult concepts and equations.  

Then it is time for you to nominate your favourite teacher for the golden apple award!

The golden apple award is annually given for outstanding educational performance. It is a way for us students to show our appreciation and gratitude for the teacher´s work.

If you wish to see your teacher awarded with this price, you can nominate him or her on this link. Tell us what makes this teacher so special and why just he/she should be awarded with the price. We, the education forum of the Student Union, will read all the nominations and award the teachers (one from each school) with the best nominations.

The nomination is open until the 6th of May and the gold apple will be awarded on 18th of May.

Please note that only employed teachers of the University of Skövde can be nominated for the award.