Welcome to the
Spring-introduction of 2021!

Welcome to the Student Union of Skövde!

Hi and welcome to the Spring-introduction of 2021. We are so happy to have you here! And who are we? We are an organization by students for students, the Student Union of Sköve, also known as SiS. We monitor and ensure the quality of your education, work with labour market to connect you with the work force even before you graduate as well as arrange student-social activities, such as events and parties! Want to get involved? Check out our associations and your section for a chance to make an impact. You can find your specific section further down this page.

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The Introgeneral

Hi! My name is Klara Gren Löfstedt, and I am the Introgeneral for the year 2020. It is I who have had the pleasure to plan this introduction together with the school and the rest of the Student Union. I enjoy rainbows, long discussions about Harry Potter, and eating enormous amounts of food. If you see me running around at campus, don’t hesitate to stop me to say “Hello” or to tell me a bad joke!

If you need to get a hold of me you can call me or send me an email!

Phone: 0708 992 331

Email: introgeneral@studentkaren.se


Schedule for the intro!

Here is the schedule for all the events during the introduction! Remember time and place may change! For updates, follow the sections and associations on their social medias!


Each student at Högskolan i Skövde belongs to a section. There is five different sections i the Student Union. They monitors and ensures the quality of your education, works with the labour market and arranges activities. Which section you belong to depends on what you study! Skills is the section for IT- and media students. Vitae is the section for the students under the School of Bioscience, the School of Health and Education, with exception of the nurses. Vitae also takes care of the international students. Safir is the section for the economy students. ESS is the section for the engineering and technological students. SköSjuk  is responsible for the nurses. Do you want to know more about your section? Click on their logos down below or visit thier tents!


Don't know where to go? Check out this map!

This is a useful map over Skövde University Campus with surrounding area

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